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Karl Lagerfeld left us on 19 February. The tributes that flooded the social media during the first days were followed by the now cult sayings of the "last of the great couturiers", who had an undeniable gift for the pithy phrase, for better or for worse. Then the papers started filling with articles on his past as a collector and the major auctions that gradually dispersed all the pieces he had amassed. Here some criticised his lack of intuition, somewhat bulimic versatility and a profile as an "interior designer" rather than a "collector". Others, in contrast, acclaimed his insatiable curiosity and the energy he put into regularly renewing his "wardrobe", to avoid getting trapped in one style. And indeed, there were his Memphis group Italian designs, his Art Deco, and a few paintings by Basquiat and Warhol (to whom he was often compared), which sold quickly… Meanwhile, by way of a posthumous tribute, La Gazette, guided by his long-standing friend Patrick Hourcade, has decided to focus on the couturier's love of 18th century furniture: a passion that occupied nearly twenty years of his life.

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It took a little under thirty years for the Paris Salon du dessin to achieve a perfect balance between French and foreigners. With this 28th edition, the latter are even slightly more numerous: 21 (including four new recruits) of the 39 galleries invited. Naturally, their ranks include a large number of French-speaking participants from Belgium and above all Switzerland. Meanwhile, British and American galleries often have a historical or family connection with France. This is true of Jean-Luc Baroni Ltd (London) and Marianne Rosenberg (New York), heirs to a line of dealers that started out in Paris last century, and the perfectly bilingual Franco-American Christopher Bishop (Milford, Connecticut), making his first appearance this year.


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Pierre Gole, Rubens, Drölling, Ribera, Le Brun, Renoir, Ernst, Boccioni and Bugatti are guests in the auction room this month, with some pieces making their first appearance there. The season is open! 



Although much sought-after across the Atlantic, a 13th-century psalter rightly awaited as the star of the sale ended up in the hands of a self-styled "provincial bookseller".



Marina Lochak took over as the Pushkin Museum's director in 2013 from Irina Antonova, who had managed the institution since 1961. We talk to a woman of conviction.



Ole Høstbo, the founder of the Dansk Møbelkunst gallery, certainly helped the emergence of the Scandinavian design market. Specialising in 20th century furniture and Danish master cabinetmakers, he is now broadening his scope with a contemporary collection.



TEFAF Maastricht is due to finish on 24 March, just five days before Brexit day. Does it allow enough time for exhibitors from London to get their shipments back before the deadline?



In mid-March, a national get-together in Berlin is being held to debate the question of collections originating from the colonies. Germany had taken the initiative in this approach, now revived by the controversy in France.



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