Van der Neer

The Dutch artist, Eglon Van der Neer

Known as the "Great Lady", this painting by the Dutch artist Eglon Van der Neer evokes the lifestyle of a refined class. The elegant young lady is bedecked with pearls, and wears cherry-coloured silk and white satin. The artist revels in depicting textures, as seen in not only the dress but also the oriental carpet thrown over the balustrade. At the time, Van der Neer was living in Rotterdam with his wife Maria Wagensvelt, the daughter of one of the city's wealthy notaries. He specialised in interiors peopled with figures. These are not exactly portraits, but the models are found in several paintings. "Young Woman at Breakfast", now in the Liechtenstein Museum in Vienna, is similar to the lady here. The delicate, polished style is reminiscent of Gerard Ter Borch – and also Frans Van Mieris, whom the artist seems to have known well, judging by the portraits he did of the painter and his wife. The Great Lady here, emblematic of the works he produced during those years, has a pedigree to match. She belonged to Louis-Bernard Coclers, a portraitist from Liège, and featured in his sale in Amsterdam in 1816. She then turned up in the painting gallery of Mr. Piérard, an amateur painter who studied at the Académie des Beaux-arts in Valenciennes, and was acquired by the Duc de Galliera at Piérard's sale at Drouot in March 1860. Four years later, William Bürger – the expert to whom we owe the rediscovery of Vermeer – cites her in an article on the gallery of the brothers Isaac and Émile Pereire. In 1872, this painting, which featured in the sale of their collection, was bought for FF8,200 by Baron Rodolphe Hottinguer (1835-1920), and was then passed on to his descendants. Forty years later, this exquisite beauty is on its way to the sale room with the Enchères Sadde auction house in Moulins.

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Frieze New York, from 9 to 12 May in Randall’s Island Park, Manhattan. The young, avant-garde and highly European fair has now stolen the limelight from the historical Armory Show. A vital stage for conquering the American art market


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Souvenirs of the legendary Lutétia Hotel on the Paris Rive Gauche, illustrated books by the Iranian poet Salah Stétié, a Monogold by Yves Klein, a painting by the Dutch artist Eglon Van Der Neer (Great Lady) and funerary furnishings from the 13th Egyptian dynasty are just some of the highlights of the sales in France



China once more features large in the game of auctions, posting some thundering results from Hong Kong to Paris (Chicken Cup from period of Chenghua, oil on canvas by Zao Wou-ki…). And for once, the French decorative arts have followed suit.



"De la Chine aux Arts Décoratifs". For the first time, this exhibition unveils the Paris Musée des Arts Décoratifs' collection of Chinese objets d’art, exceptional for their quality and diversity.



From 23 to 25 May, 35 galleries are opening for the very first "Collectors' Weekend" in France. They are all galleries with well established reputations and a variety of profiles, ranging from the historic (Jean Fournier and Jaeger Bucher) to the more forward-looking (Cortex Athletico and Laurent Mueller).



After the Armory Show, which devoted its fifth "Focus" to China, Art Paris Art Fair included a window onto contemporary Chinese creation. The choice of China was a timely one, because the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between France and China involves a series of events in Paris.



The legendary Kunstkammer
has opened again at the Kunsthistorisches Museum (KHM) in Vienna, Austria, following ten years of meticulous restoration in the museum's laboratories. This is the biggest cabinet of curiosities in the world, covering a thousand years of history…



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